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Elsbeth Bennett, Indie Author

There are an infinite amount of grays that lie between black and white, so are the degrees of truth between the pen and the paper."
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Hello And Welcome To My Site!

I am a self-published author, or in today’s terms, an Indie Author. I write in a style that is considered contemporary, however my style is what used to be some hundred years back with present-day verbiage.

Each one of my books and scripts has a heart and a soul. A fresh take on what people miss in their daily lives, from joy to sorrow, and from Love to pain. I do not write hate or hatred. If anything, I write with humor of at times with tears. You could say, I am able to wake a sleeping heart.

The Work Bio

For most of my adult life, I have been working various administrative type jobs without indoor plumbing.  Needless to say, I had to be quite creative on some days with weather and such.

I have done construction inspection and CM assistance to paralegal and designing my own software.  

1 day old fawn born in Valentine NE on RefugeThe most fun for me was working on and around Fish Hatcheries/Research Facilities and Refuges.  Being around wildlife so much I found to be quite invigorating.

Note on photograph:  Valentine NE.  This fawn is not even one day old.  It still had it's eyes glazed from birth.  Lying down by an old cattle fence, hiding and waiting for it's mom to return.  I got within 5 feet of it before it bahhhhhh me and stumbled into the taller brush. 

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Community Service To Volunteering

 I am bonafide good girl/good soul, aka "girl scout" and I played well will with others.  Okay, the truth, playing well with others… well, I don't all the time, but I try real hard.  

Many times I am referred to being an angel; however, I am far from being a saint.  After all, I am only human. 

Every day I ask the heavens how may I serve and thank God for my life.  To those who know me, I ask them how may I please.  Kindness and giving are key to the core of who I am.

Highlights from my life, or those things that stick in my mind the most are:

Recipient of Social In-Dependability Award from Girl Scouts for running summer camp for ages 7 and 8 at the age of 14.
Letter of support from President Ronald Reagan and Congressman Silvio Ottavio Conte regarding newspaper articles I wrote concerning reverse discrimination.  Note I said REVERSE.    

Outstanding Citizenship for three years both in Sr. High School and through my Church.
I created Handicap Awareness Educational weekend camp at age 18 to stop cruel and bulling behavior against those with visible and those who do not have obvious challenges or disabilities.  (This event is close to my heart, for I have a hearing and speech Impairment. I had speech therapy for years and was made fun of and laughed at a lot, and sometimes even today I will hear unthoughtful remarks.)  

Youth Group Director during 1997 at family church.

Was a volunteer sheriff, or as my badge said ‘NON-Peace Officer’.  LOL.  It is funny.  Does that give me the right to cause havoc and mayhem?  

I was asked to do an environmental review for a Federal Government animal refuge regarding bison and high desert grass lands in conjunction with migratory birds.  

After the previous review/paper I was sought after to do a review/paper on the Annual Funding Agreement between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Confederated Salish-Kootenai Tribes, regarding appropriate care for the Bison.  

With care for those with dogs, from Military to Elderly, I founded Bark Street Alley – 501(c)3 pending.   I am actively looking for funding and backers.

In general, everyday, throughout my life, if there is a helping hand needed I would participate, from volunteer at various schools and soup kitchens.  Even holding a wounded animal after being hit by another car as it dies in my arms.

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At Rest The Person Behind The Words

I enjoy speed from riding a horse at full run to a waverunner at full throttle.

I love to canoe and to fish, however most of all I delight in a good swim in a crystal clear lake.

My spirit is uplifted by just about any music playing in the background except for rap.   The reason for not listening to rap is my hearing.  It becomes to mumbled for me to understand words.

I cook from scratch and hate house work, and enjoy mowing a lawn.

A good laugh everyday. By the way, I snort.  I also look natural in a red clown nose. 

If you cry, I will be there beside you whipping your tears and most likely crying with you.  I will hold you through your pain and sorrow.

In short, I am no different then you.

This is just the high, or low lights of the person behind the words that you read.  A person with heart, that hopes she has entertained you and put a new twist of life in your spirit.

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